It’s Safer to Travel to One of These 9 U.S. Towns (Here’s Why)

Southport, North Carolina

Couple walking down the beach.
Photo by Will Walker –

How does a vacation to America’s Happiest Seaside Town sound like? Southport, North Carolina won the title back in 2015, but even today it’s a great destination for people from all walks of life.

Sure, you can’t go for a swim during the wintertime offseason, but you can still enjoy long, peaceful walks down the shore, undisturbed by hordes of tourists. Kayaking and exploring are available year-round!

Most visitors can’t stop raving about Southport’s salt marshes and waterways, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous or brave you could paddle out to Bald Head Island. This pristine bit of land two miles offshore is a perfect place for a secluded, romantic picnic.

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