Rome: Do’s and Don’ts

Narrow streets, luxurious ancient temples, unhurried and relaxed Italians and delicious gelato – these are only a small part of what a colorful Rome can offer you. Once in this city, you are like traveling through time, moving from era to age, from century to century, and completely immersed in the atmosphere of the fusion of ancient and modern worlds. As in any city, Rome has its own unspoken rules, which fully betray and allow you to feel the atmosphere and spirit of the Eternal City. We`ve got them from sexy russian brides on

You should definitely try to:

  • Drink coffee at the bar in the nearest café. For example, in the street on which you live. You will be able to try all the variations of this drink in a week. You will understand that here is the most delicious macchiato in Italy, get acquainted with the barista and all the locals.
  • Try an ice cream in Gelateria. In Italy, you will find every taste: chocolate, stracciatella, with ginger or pepper, etc. The main thing is to buy ice cream in specialized Gelateria, and not in tents on the streets.
  • Get up on the dome of St. Peter’s. You can take an elevator or you can go 551 steps on foot. The entrance is free, so be prepared for the fact that the queue will be big. However, there you can enjoy Rome from a bird’s eye view. Do not miss this opportunity!
  • Visit the Colosseum, Pantheon, Forum, Capitol, Piazza Venezia and Piazza Navona. It was there that Julia Roberts sat on the bench in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.”
  • Rent Vespa. If you close your eyes and dream in winter, then immediately there is a picture where a white motorbike rushes through the streets of Rome to the Trastevere area at sunset. Make your dreams come true!
  • Eat Prosciutto con mozzarella and Quattro Formaggi, these dishes will surely please everyone.
  • Drink water from fountains. You can find them on almost every street, and there artesian water.
  • Go to the Trastevere area at night. The festival atmosphere preveils all year round in this part of Rome.
  • Send a postcard by the Vatican post, which is one of the best in the world. Italians, not trusting the usual Roman post, often send postcards around the world from the Vatican.
  • Plan the trip so that excursions fall on the last Sunday of the month. That is when the entrance to all museums is free!
  • Take a picture of Guardsmen in the Vatican with museum halberds. Michelangelo created their bright blue-orange costumes.
  • Feel the true Italian atmosphere, which is impossible without cheerful music, sounding from all restaurants, house wine and a picturesque view of the Tiber River.

You should better not do:

  • Do not settle near the train station Termini. In general, you should better not settle in any city near the railway station. Rome is not the exception.
  • Do not forget to buy e-tickets to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in advance. Otherwise, you will stay in the queue longer than you will walk the museum itself.
  • Do not worry about communication because Italians understand English, and their openness and temperament will not allow you to leave without help.
  • Do not miss a chance to go on a trip to the sea. A hundred kilometers from Rome there is a wonderful town Fondi, and Sperlonga, located a little further and known for its extraordinary picturesqueness. You can get there by train from Termini station for 6 euros one way and you can get by bus or taxi from the city to the beach.
  • Do not forget about the siesta and breaks in the restaurants. In Rome, the local trattoria is traditionally closed for lunch. Tourist places remain open, but everything will be closed from 13 to 18 in such small towns as Fondi.
  • Do not come to Rome for 2 days.

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