Caffe Florian and Its Three Centuries of History – Venice

With its glittering neo-Baroque decor and attractive 19th-century wall panels, today as yesterday, the Florian is undisputedly the most fashionable and aristocratic rendezvous in St. Mark’s Square, a true symbol of Venetian hospitality.

You’re in St. Mark’s Square, the great heart of Venice! Spread out before your eyes is the splendid facade of the Basilica while, under the arches, you’ll hear the soothing notes of an orchestra playing in the background. More likely than not, they’ll be coming from the nearby Caffe Florian, a real temple of Venetian taste since 1720 and a must-visit stopover for all visitors.

It was opened by Floriano Francesconi under the name of ‘Alla Venezia Trionfante’(‘To the Triumphant Venice’) and later simply rechristened Florian by its roster of customers including such figures as Casanova, Goldoni and Canaletto, to mention a few.

Since that time, celebrities from all over the world have flocked to this venue which, even today, continues to exemplify the utmost of Venetian style and taste. Ask your tour guide to wait, deposit your shopping bags and sink into its plush red velvet banquettes while you wait for one of its impeccably white-jacketed waiters to serve you a typical house specialty on a silver tray… for a real trip back in time!

Inside of Caffe Florian

Each and every delicacy served at the Florian, from its ‘semifreddo al tiramisu’ to its quiches, are the result of the creativity of its executive chef and pastry workshop, but also its barmen who whip up some of the frothiest cappuccino in town and are renowned for their trademark cocktails.

Semifreddo Tiramisu at Caffe Florian

An eclectic mixture of the past and the present, although the location is a haven of tradition, it is also intensely engaged in today’s world. Not only a cafe, but also a space that is famous for hosting cultural events, especially in the sphere of contemporary art: for a truly unique ‘Venetian experience’.

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