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Belize – Caribbean Islands

Wallet friendly: Take drumming lessons

Belize may not be the first country that springs to mind when you’re planning a Caribbean break, but the central American country’s coastline has some spectacular sweeps of beach. Based at the northern end of Hopkins Village on the pretty shores of the Caribbean sea is the Lebaha Drumming Centre, a place where local children —and travellers — can learn all about the drumming, dance and cultural heritage of their Garifuna ancestors.

Hopkins, a shack-crammed sleepy fishing village, is one of a handful of similar places located on the Caribbean coast with an active Garifuna population and a fascinating culture that merges Carib and African influences. Embrace a very cool and unique opportunity to take drumming and percussion sessions in a musical style that you won’t find elsewhere in the world, all for just over a tenner.

DETAILS: For basic lodging with plenty of personality by the Lebeha Cabanas from £12 pp per night

Splash the cash: Dive for weeks

Great Blue Hole of Belize

The Caribbean coast of Belize is an absolute diving hotbed, and if you’re really into the sport, you’re best off joining a tour that’ll whizz you around the best underwater sites. Journey Latin America’s 15-day diving group tour starts off on the turquoise-water beaches of Tulum, Mexico, before travelling on to dive the region’s famous freshwater cenote, the famous Great Blue Hole of Belize (trust us, it’s worth a Google) and the other famous diving spots in this part of the Caribbean Sea.

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