Inn of the Anasazi – Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Earthy Elegance Inspired by the “Ancient Ones”

Neighboring the Palace of the Governors, the oldest public building in America, this unusual inn reaches back even further for its inspiration – to the region’s 1,000-year-old indigenous culture, the Anasazi (Navajo for “ancient ones”).

This is Santa Fe’s most sophisticated hotel, but it functions more like an intimate, impeccably run inn, decorated with colourful rugs and hand-crafted baskets, textiles, and carvings that represent the area’s Native, Latino, and Anglo cultures, and incorporating rough-hewn ceiling beams, kiva fire­places, and elements of Anasazi pottery and stonework into the overall southwestern design. Few hotels are in such perfect harmony with their environment, both architecturally and spiritually, and the result is never short of per­fection.

Making it even more difficult to leave the premises is the Anasazi Restaurant, which features organically grown native foods pur­chased from local farmers or the Pueblo Indians whenever possible. The menu honors Native American and southwestern cuisines, with a little bit of cowboy thrown in. Elegant but earthy, the restaurant established itself as one of the area’s best as soon as it opened.

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