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The hotel enjoys an unrivalled position amongst luxury hotels in Agra, located just 600 metres from the iconic Taj Mahal. Accommodation comes with uninterrupted views of the Taj Mahal.

USP – As befits a brand whose name is tantamount with homespun extravagance in India, Amarvilas is a carnival of Indian craftsmanship and Mughal architecture. Guests can avail of first-class admission to the Taj Mahal and buy tickets and handpick guides at the hotel, take gratis golf cart transfers to the entrance, or go by horse-drawn carriage for a small fee, and of course simply walk as it’s so close by.

HERITAGE PICK – Throughout the Amarvilas one can find traditional crafts and materials like gold-leaf frescoes and wood carvings that are a hallmark of the royal Mughal style. The pattern on the dome pays tribute to the great Mughal era and is similar to that of the Taj Mahal.


BLENDING HISTORY WITH LUXURY – The hotel is bursting with elaborate filigree and marble inset work, jali, gold leaf work, wood carving and hand-woven tapestries. Creamy sandstone walls are frescoed or finished with lime plaster, teak panelling, hand-knotted silk throws and block-printed drapes embellish the spaces, and the swimming pool is sunk into a garden.

PRIZED ARTEFACT – The gold-leaf painting, an ancient art form from Persia, is found in the lobby dome, lobby lounge and the colonnade area of the hotel.

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