Delphi Lodge – Leenane, Galway, Ireland

How Green Is My Valley?

There are return guests who swear that the Delphi Lodge is the best salmon and sea trout fishery in the West—it certainly is its most gorgeously situated. Standing alone by a lake amid glorious mountain country, its isolated setting in the middle of an unspoiled valley backed by green velveteen hills is like few others in Ireland or Europe.

Built as the sport­ing playground of the Marquis of Sligo in the 19th century, Delphi is today owned by congenial Peter Mantle, himself a keen fly- fisherman. The ambience is that of a relaxed country estate, where dinners take place at a large table generally overseen by Peter, who has a knack for making the guest mix seem always perfect, as if at a country house party.

Although an angler’s heaven, Delphi is not for seasoned fishermen alone—complete novices can take advantage of weekend courses that run five or six times a year, and many non-anglers come for the solitude and the chance to unwind, taking long walks or leisurely drives along the little-trammeled Connemara coastline.

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