Hotel Kämp – Helsinki, Finland

Again the Center of the Society Life

After a thirty-year hibernation when it was earmarked for demolition, the Hotel Kämp has been reborn after a breathtaking, full-fledged, no-expenses-barred restoration.

Sitting proudly on the elegant Esplanade in the very heart of the city, the Kämp was as much a standout for its unparalleled splendor when it opened in 1887 as it is today, a true gold standard in the five-star, last-word-in-luxury category, unequaled anywhere else in Scandinavia. Since its inception, the Kämp has served as the capital’s central meeting place for aristocrats, politicians, journalists, artists, and celebrities.

The hotel also proved to be artistic inspiration for the composer Jean Sibelius, who vis­ited it as often as possible and dedicated a song to it, and to the Swedish artist Victor Andren, whose painting A Party at Kämp still holds its position of impor­tance in the exclusive Restaurant Kämp. Capturing the spirit of fin-de-siècle Helsinki, the hotel stands comfortably behind its motto “You have to be something special to be born twice.”

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