Horseback Safaris in Nyika National Park – Malawi

Africa’s Least-Known Safari Country

For those who have “done” the game-rich national reserves of East Africa and can’t look another herd of elephants in the face, Malawi is an African destination of another kind. the beauty of Nyika National Park lies not just in its vast views across the spectacular plateau and vast rolling grasslands, but in the huge skies, crisp mountain air – and the com­pany of David Foot, Malawi’s best guide.

With much of the 1,150-square-mile park inacces­sible to vehicles, horseback is the ideal way to explore the park’s remote hills and secluded valleys, and to approach wildlife up close and personal. Here, the “big five” might be eland, roan, reedbuck, bushbuck, and zebra. The Nyika Plateau bursts into color from October to April as a carpet of blooming wildflowers covers the grasslands. More than 200 species of terrestrial orchid can be found here, together with wild iris, gladioli, and del­phiniums, among many other contributors to this visual extravaganza.

A maximum of six riders take one- to ten-day rides along trails to the farthest corners of the park while staff with packhorses move ahead and set up the coming night’s camp.

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