If you like epic, snow-capped mountains, beautiful forests, miles of incredible hikes filled with an array of rock formations, and crystal clear mountain water, then the High Tatras are the perfect dose of nature for you. Located right in the middle of the High Tatras is a small ski town called Nov Smokovec, which can be reached by either car or bus. Once you arrive, explore the small historic town and take in the various shops and eateries.

When it’s time to sleep, venture on over to the Villa Dr Szontagh, named after the founding family of Nov Smokovec. To reach the mountain hiking trails, you can buy a ticket for the tram and ride it up to the start of the paths. There are five to choose from, and they range in duration from 20 minutes all the way up to three hours. Each one ends at a `chata, a resting house where you can simply recharge, or if there are rooms, stay for the night. It’s just what the doc-tor ordered.

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