In Sofia, take a drive south to the famous Rila Monastery

This surprisingly colourful building was established in the 10th century, but experienced multiple raids during the Ottoman occupation and suffered a fire in the 19th century. Still, the monastery was always rebuilt and restored, proving resilient through both time and war. Nestled in the Rila Mountains, this UNESCO World Heritage site should not be missed while travelling through Bulgaria.


In a small town called Kardjali, three hours from Sofia, you’ll be amazed to find beautiful natural formations. The metal oxides in the rock give them shades of pink, red and brown. Scientists believe one of these—the Petrified Wedding started forming 4 billion years ago, due to underwater volcanic activity. Later, when the sea receded, the rocks became exposed to rain, wind and sun, which weathered them to their current shapes. Local legend has it that this is a wedding procession, petrified by nature when the groom’s father had ‘sinful’ thoughts about the bride.

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