Headhunters’ Trail – Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

In the Footprints of the Wild Men of Borneo

For centuries the jungle area now called Sarawak was closed to outsiders and shunned for fear of its cannibal “wild men of Borneo.” Its exotic rain forests are what most people imagine when they think of Borneo, and its communal longhouses, once home to noto­rious headhunters, now welcome outside visitors for the night.

Retrace the original trail of the feared tribesmen, partially by longboat along the Baram River, partially by short treks through the dense jungle. Organized tours explore the Sarawak Chamber, the world’s largest cave system, located in Gunung National Park; so far, twenty-seven intercon­necting caves and 64 miles of passages have been discovered.

You’ll visit only choice areas, and stay to see the resident bats’ evening departure in search of dinner. Gifts and food to share are brought to the Iban headman, the tuai rumah, whose longhouse will be your digs for the night.

The river rides and primeval beauty of the encroaching jungle make this the adventure of a lifetime; sharing homemade hooch with your new Iban best friend isn’t something you’ll soon forget either.

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