Get An Upgrade for Your Travel With These Must-Have Apps




Alleviate jet lag and reset your sleep clock with the help of binaural beats — repetitive sounds that cultures around the world have relied on for centuries to create relaxed states of mind. Besides help­ing you sleep, the beats can improve focus and attention, foster learning, and reduce anxiety, according to the app’s creators.


This location- sensitive personal-security app will provide a safety score reflecting health risks, politi­cal uprisings, and environmental threats, and gives crowd sourced information about thefts and assaults that have occured in the area.


Founded in response to the 2015 Paris terror attacks, My Panda tells you the level of security in the area via GPS. In some destinations, such as New York City and Los Angeles, there’s a feature for the fastest route to the nearest police station and the option to call local authorities with one tap.




Get paid for your canceled, delayed, or overbooked flights. AirHelp goes to bat trying to help get disrupted travelers money for their woes: the average reimburse­ment is more than $500 per claim, and the company takes a 25 percent cut.


Do you have extra space in your lug­gage? Consider subsidizing your trip by selling it to a stranger looking to ship something. The app verifies the cargo and sender— and guarantees that you won’t be transporting any­thing illegal.


Great for group travel, PlanChat lets connected trav­elers construct their own itinerar­ies. Add restaurants, activities, and sightseeing ideas, plus keep track of expenses. You can also use it to share photos and videos with the group.

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