Freycinet National Park and Freycinet Lodge – Tasmania, Australia

A Natural Playground of Limitless Choice

Freycinet is Tasmania’s oldest coastal park, a dramatic combination of red granite mountains, white-sand beaches, and lapis-blue ocean.

Unobtrusively nestled within its confines is the ecosensitive Freycinet, “the disappearing lodge,” so carefully con­structed that it is barely visible from even a few feet away. Luxurious cabins with red­wood terraces have been harmoniously integrated with the attention-stealing environ­ment.

Guests pick and choose from a host of nature-oriented activities including whale watching, visits to the breeding grounds of fairy penguins and black swans, and guided walks through forests populated by marsupials, brilliant-colored parrots, and laughing kook­aburras. A self-guided nature walk through fields of wildflowers and up and over a spine of mountains leads to the trek’s grand finale: Wineglass Bay, one of Australia’s most beau­tiful panoramas.

The Freycinet coastline is famous for its seafood – a chef doesn’t need to do much to the local lobster-size crayfish to create an award-quality dinner at a window table overlooking Great Oyster Bay at sunset.

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