Cemeteries of Paris are Real Historic Treasures

No trip to Paris is complete without a trip to view its famed cemeteries. Here are just a few to start you on your way



Once littered with the victims of the Reign of Terror, Montmartre is now an oasis of tranquility in one of the city’s most famed districts. Rich in awe-inspiring sculpted tombs and resting place of some legendary Parisians, it is not to be missed.

Pere Lachaise


The largest of these cemeteries is also the world’s most visited. Thousands of visitors flock to it every single day to wander through its 70,000 tombs and pay homage to figures from rockstars to artists to politicians and beyond. No trip to Paris is complete without a stroll through Pere Lachaise.

The Pantheon


This iconic and opulent building is famed for its magnificent crypt, where visitors can easily lose a day exploring everything it has to offer. In this neoclassical splendour, some of the greatest names from throughout French history have been laid to rest here including Voltaire, Hugo and the Curies.



When it opened in 1824, Montparnasse was the first cemetery to have been established in Paris in decades. Particularly popular as a burial ground for French and international intellectuals, Montparnasse cemetery is a hugely a popular stop for travellers in the capital.



Though less famous and a lot quieter than some of Paris’s other cemeteries, Passy is no less steeped in history. To add to its beauty, the Eiffel Tower looms over the burial ground. Those laid to rest here include the Debussy, Renault and celebrated American actress and adventuress, Pearl White.

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