Experience Bliss On The Telangana Buddhist Trail

Buddhavanam / Sriparvatarama – Sriparvatarama is a theme park showcasing the Buddhist heritage of Telangana in an area of 279 acres at Nagarjunasagar, Telangana. At the centre is the replica of Amaravati Stupa, in its original dimensions, shape and design. The stupa is inlaid with sandstone, sculpted panels as it was originally. It is a fantastic and beautiful meditation centre. The limestone panels decorating the stupa are intricately carved like the original panels with scenes from Lord Buddha’s life. The park is filled with greenery, flowering plants, smooth grass lawns and there is also a Buddha Express a toy train which takes visitors around.

Dhulikatta – This beautiful Buddhist site in Karimnagar District, is located 150 kms from Hyderabad. Excavations here have revealed a Buddhist stupa and vihara built on a prominent mound at the junction of 2 perennial rivulets. The stupa, dating back to 3rd century B.C. and enlarged many times, was once bedecked with more than 50 carved slabs, most of them found intact. One of the slabs, has the Muchilinda Naga – a five headed cobra protecting the Lord Buddha, symbolically represented by his feet, and is exquisitely delineated. On it is an inscription in early Brahmi script. Punch marked Satavahana and Roman coins, ivory combs, seals, silver portrait coin, beads and bangles, terracotta figurines were also recovered.

Phanigiri – Phanigiri, about 50 kms from Jangaon in Nalgonda District has a Buddhist monastic settlement situated on flat hill on the north east of the village. It consisted of more than 30 stupas and many fragmentary Buddhist artifacts. More than 60 Satavahana coins were also found here including the intricately carved Lotus medallion. It is the only site which yielded panels carved with Jataka Stories. This site is a must see stopover for the ardent Buddhist follower.

Nelakondapalle – Located 180 km. from Hyderabad, in Khammam District. Excavations here have unearthed a stupa built of brick and about nine Buddhist idols among other articles of historical importance. Subsequent excavations revealed a unique spoked stupa. Besides, other remains are votive stupas in limestone and a pedestal in black basalt decorated with Triratna symbols and lotus motifs.


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