You’ve Not See Rome Until…

…you’ve seen it rain through the roof of the Pantheon

Like the humble Polo mint, this 1,900-year-old temple is defined by a hole. Few sights are more sublime than watching rain cascading into the rotunda where all the classical gods were worshipped (free entry).

…you’ve climbed all seven hills

Many cities have been built on seven hills – Jerusalem, Istanbul, Sheffield, Torquay – but Rome has the most famous claim. For our money there is no hilltop view finer than atop the Capitoline Hill looking south across the ruins of the Forum.

…you’ve seen the greatest landmarks without scaffolding

For the pas few years the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain have all been under restoration – the Trevi Fountain just reopened, and 2016 will see the unveiling anew of the Spanish Steps.

…you’ve taken a ride in a Fiat 500

Forget Vespas, Ferraris and chariots – a pint-sized Fiat 500 is the most stylish way around Rome’s twisting streets.

…you’ve seen Lazio play Roma

Making battles in the Colosseum look like the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, the Rome Derby sets the whole city’s pulse racing. Go soon to see Roma captain Francesco Totti, gladiator of the pitch since 1993, before he retires.

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