Eleuthera – Winterless Wonderland

In the morning I awake in time for the sunrise and return to the porch to watch the sun paint pink and orange streaks above the calm sea. With the ultimate view before me I decide to have breakfast delivered as well, and soon a server steps over with a wooden tray housing a pot of coffee and Eleutheran coconut-crusted French toast making for a simple yet divine combination, just as expected from The Cove. As my senses engulf the meal, a hummingbird floats down to the wooden porch steps beside me and together we watch another spectacular day unfold.

After feeling completely rested I decide that before having to return to reality I better prepare myself by receiving a massage. The spa, similar to the entire property, is an intimate, warm, bright open space designed to help soothe the soul. My masseuse treats me with a mixture of deep tissue massage as well as stretching therapy that completely restores my body.

In a daze from the intensely relaxing massage I make my way to the Gregory Town Grill for one last shrimp po’boy and the drink of the day: a “Falling Coconut.” I watch the glimmering sea reflecting the sun like the scales of a fish, calm once again and topped with a few paddle boarders. As I enjoy one last bite of paradise the breeze carries a hint of winter… but that’s all The Cove will get.

Afterward I say goodbye to the staff whom I’ve gotten to know even after just a short time together. As I travel back, Wangyel’s words echo in my mind: We often go on vacations to get away but never really stop to give our minds the break that we all so desperately need. However, this time I’m ready to return to blizzards of snow and work alike, refreshed and with a renewed outlook and energy that only the healing powers of The Cove can provide.

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