Eleuthera – Winterless Wonderland

Fully content, I stroll the calm grounds, which are completely dark underneath the stars and yet still brightened by what seems like hundreds of palm trees lit up all around me. The stone and grass pathway guides me back to my villa and the comfy bed where I easily drift asleep.

In the morning I wake to whirling wind, rough seas and a grey cloud-covered sunrise. The storm is a different kind of beauty from yesterday’s calm and I appreciate it all the same. It’s not raining so I make my way to the Freedom Restaurant for breakfast. With the beautiful grey ocean beyond the turquoise infinity pool I sip on my coffee and wake up to a fresh and light salmon avocado omelet, along with New Orleans-style beignets that are far lighter and fluffier than the clouds outside the window.

By the time I finish breakfast, the weather has calmed down and I’m informed that my conch diving sea excursion is still a go. Back in my bathing suit, one of the onsite Escalades picks me up and we travel a few miles north into the town of Current. There I meet with Captain James who welcomes me aboard his boat and takes me on a private tour to the nearby Current Island where he was born from a population of about 20. He is definitely the go-to guide for this area and together we dive into the waters off the coast. Even in the “winter” the water feels fantastic and I float over coral and plenty of colorful fish. I soar atop this underwater world and simply gaze in awe at the wonderful ecosystem. Along the way I spot an eel, a large sea turtle and even a nurse shark resting soundly just under my feet.

Due to the rougher conditions earlier this morning it’s not as easy for me to find a conch, however Captain James doesn’t let me down and manages to grab one. Back on the boat we anchor at a sandbar overlooking the array of aqua-green colors that spread out around us, each like a different brushstroke on a painting. I dry off in the hot morning sun while right there on the boat he cuts up the conch, along with an array of apples, tomatoes, peppers, and combines them all for the freshest conch ceviche salad I’ve ever had! It’s a refreshing treat to say the least and, dining on the front of the boat with my legs dangling over the side, I think to myself it doesn’t get any better than this.

Back at The Cove I pass the hammocks gently blowing in the breeze and return to my villa. With salt still on my skin I grab my Kindle and head out to the cliffs to bask in the sun while waves crash against the rocks below like a water fountain show. While it might be too rough to paddleboard today it’s nonetheless a beautiful change in scenery.

After sitting on top of the world in complete open privacy the weather changes once again and the afternoon rainstorms arrive to cool me off. I take nature’s hint and return to my villa to rinse off in the outdoor shower, mixing the cool rain with hot water as the storm passes above the trees. With my front doors slightly ajar I let the sounds of the rainstorm cradle me into a nap; by the time I awake it’s clear once again.

In the limbo between lunch and dinner I peruse the in-room menu to find conch fritters and sweet potato fries that are quickly delivered right to my porch-step. I recline on the chaise looking out at the sea and enjoy the show as I eat. I again take this time to be alone with my thoughts, reflect and, just as Wangyel had described, refresh my mind. There is something to be said about the incalculable effect The Cove has on you – not simply being away from it all but also being in an environment as serene as this. You never truly realize just how busy and chaotic life can be until immersing yourself in such tranquility. I think of all the commotion and current events that must be going on back home, but right here there’s only the evening breeze and the glow of the lit-up palm trees.

A room in the Cove Hotel – Eleuthera

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