Eleuthera – Winterless Wonderland

Just then a helicopter flies overhead and comes to a rest atop a grassy landing pad on a small cliffside. I later learn that the passengers are a family who flew in from Nassau just to have lunch here. Luckily all I have to do is paddleboard in to try The Cove’s renowned cuisine for myself.

My bare feet hop from sand to the softest grass on my way up the hill before drying off on the porch of the Gregory Town Grill. I take a seat and watch the ripples of the calm waters in the cove wave to me, smell the sea air and listen to the breeze. When things are simpler your body and mind both seem to slow down and absorb the details of your senses. In this peaceful break I’m able to reflect and look inward, and relish not having a phone or even knowing what time it is. I take a deep breath and enjoy the simple pleasure of being present.

While some might not associate sushi with the Caribbean – what better place to blend freshly caught local fish with Japanese cuisine? The Cove is known for their sushi so I order a spicy tuna avocado roll with a panko crunch, along with a mojito – the best of both worlds. The seafood lives up to the hype as it’s one of the tastiest rolls I’ve sampled this side of Japan.

In the afternoon I claim a comfy lounge chair just outside my cottage and read in the sun, which hovers over the flat ocean looking almost like a desert mirage. Every now and then a paddle boarder passes in the distance and, aside from the occasional cocktail delivery, I’m left entirely alone. Back home and at work I’m surrounded by so many people that it’s rare to be alone and truly absorb meditative thoughts. However, with the magnificent scenery before me my senses and mind can be truly refreshed.

Eventually I return to my villa and choose the outside shower – an amenity so simple and yet so different. Never before have I been able to enjoy the hot water of a shower while peering out a small window to see the ocean. So much of the property takes advantage of its surrounding nature, seamlessly blending indoors and outdoors without sacrificing any modern comforts.

To be a little more formal I slip on my sandals and head to The Point Bar to soak in the sunset with the General Manager, Chorten Wangyel. Originally from Bhutan, Wangyel explains The Cove’s philosophy of exclusive personal service cultivated by the staff. What they have created here is not merely a place to get away, but an environment to replenish one’s health and soul.

“Everyone is so busy in their everyday lives,” Wangyel says. “They want to just get away from the hustle and bustle of life and relax in the serenity and beauty of this place. The energy here helps you do that and gives you a space to discover yourself.”

Wangyel goes on to say that while they may expand the property in the future, their mission will always remain to provide the utmost personal service. He also explains the philosophy of providing not only the expected island relaxation but nurturing his guests’ well-being as a whole with yoga retreats, meditation, health-conscious cuisine, calming white decor and harmonizing with nature.

I sip a local Kalik beer as we chat and watch the sun sink into the sea. I order a conch salad with a refreshing mix of ceviche conch along with jalapeños for a sweetly kicked blend. Wangyel not only spends time talking with me, but also greets and gets to know all the other guests as well – a hands-on approach that he and all of the staff fully practice. Their effort shines through with the ability to leave guests in privacy yet always be available when needed.

As darkness falls I head inside to the Freedom Restaurant, an elegant beach-style brasserie decorated with sand-sunken candles, sheer white curtains and chic shell chandeliers. After tasting a seaweed-topped crabcake appetizer, I shut off my mind and let my senses take over, absorbing the succulent lobster tail entrée with beetroot and spinach risotto in a white creamy sauce with aged parmesan, perfectly complemented by glass of Pinot Grigio.

Freedom Restaurant – Eleuthera

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