Eleuthera – Winterless Wonderland

While news of blizzards around the globe flashes on my phone, I simply shut it off and glance out the plane window to find a beautiful sunny day in Eleuthera.

After landing at the single-building airport I’m greeted by a friendly taxi driver who takes me on the “highway” – which is essentially one extra-large lane for traffic in both directions. With only about 12,000 inhabitants the island is still very undeveloped, allowing me views of the wilderness and palm tree forests before crossing over the Glass Window Bridge with the bright aqua Caribbean on my right and the darker Atlantic Ocean on my left.

Soon I arrive at my destination: The Cove, a little paradise tucked away between the forests and the sea. At the gate I’m handed a luggage tag and offered the option of a Bahama Mama or lemon water. Inside the grounds, the winding road slices through the jungle until reaching the stunning hilltop lobby. Eschewing the hubbub typical of most resort reception areas, The Cove’s exclusivity means personal service above all else. At the top of the quiet hill I breathe in the salt air from the nearby sea and take in the simple beauty of the property.

Next I hop aboard a golf cart that whisks me through the peaceful plantation-like grounds of white cottages and hammocks surrounded by endless green. Further still I arrive at my own private villa right on the sand. The front porch sits mere steps from the water and, while blissfully isolated, the bungalow still has every modern amenity one could ever need.

The sliding glass doors are wide open, allowing the ocean breeze to ripple the white curtains as I enter the villa. Immediately I feel the aura of a cozy beachfront home with a plush and modern platform bed, vaulted ceilings, bright white decor and an ultra-sleek bathroom with the option of a walk-in shower, egg-shaped bathtub, or private outdoor shower – how will I ever choose?

After changing into a bathing suit I roam the grounds, passing by other guests every now and then… but for the most part it feels as though I’m on my own private island. With an intimate 57 rooms ranging from cozy suites and romantic cottages to a three-bedroom villa (with a private lap pool and butler service), this seaside utopia provides for the ultimate escape.

I walk along the secluded beach hugged by cliffs on each side, creating a beautifully calm bay. Overlooking it all sits the Gregory Town Grill and Freedom Restaurant, adjacent to a heated infinity pool. There aren’t any rentals here, simply kayaks and paddleboards ready for you to take as you wish. So I just grab a paddleboard and glide right out into the pristine clear waters of the cove. The water is flat as can be – a perfect day for paddle boarding, and while my feet shake at first I steady myself and soon float across the sea. From out in the bay I take in the sight of the entire property, 40 acres in all, surrounded by forests and a rolling hillside.

Gregory Town Grill at The Cove – Eleuthera

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