Dolphin Dive – Little Bahama Banks, Bahamas

Enchanting Creatures, Face-to-Face

There’s a magical place northeast of Grand Bahama Island where a pod of wild spotted dolphins congregates regularly—without the enticement of food or reward—to play and swim and interact with people, apparently more charmed by their human playmates than fearful.

There’s no way to predict exactly when or where they’ll show up, so you’ll have to team up with a reputable operator who’s familiar with the dolphins, their habitat, and their habits. Captain Scott of Dream Team is the most expe­rienced, having photographed, identified, and named more than a hundred dolphins.

They’re not sideshow performers or pets, yet Scott seems to have an uncanny intuition for finding them, and treats them like old friends. His 65-foot live-aboard, the Dream Too, scores an 85 percent success rate, sometimes with several encounters a day, lasting from a few emotional moments to a couple of adrenaline-packed hours.

The water over the Little Bahama Banks—shallow, calm, and with excellent visibility—is perfect for non­diving snorkelers and swimmers, who can enjoy themselves here even after the dolphins get bored and disappear.

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