Nestled on the 4th floor of the high-end Central Embassy shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok, Dll Wellness Med Spa is the brainchild of the premier Divana Spa brand, and although in the Divana family, this sophisticated little sister set itself on a more medically advanced path.

DIl Wellness Med Spa’s striking modern facade and pearl tone strongly hint the cutting-edge character of the place while the oversized DNA double helix model virtually represent the basis of Dll’s philosophy – the DNA! As a wellness med spa, there will always be a doctor on hand to give you an evaluation and treatment suggestions, as well as specialists on selected days in case specific evaluation and treatment are required. By combining modem and traditional medicines. Dll provides state-of-art therapeutic treatments that reenergize, revive, and cure based on individual requirements.

Dll Wellness Med Spa

Dll also offers exclusive signature treatments, including the deluxe anti-ageing Empress of the Sea that benefits the entire body from head to toe. the lavishing Andaman La Lunar that purifies and indulges, to the revitalizing Ayurveda Blank Marine that represents Dll’s magical mantra of spiritual calm inspired by the Oriental healing wisdom, and luxurious Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering that nourishes and restores your body.

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