Diving With Tobago’s Manta Rays – Speyside, Tobago, Lesser Antilles

Weird and Wonderful Underwater Sights

The lovely little island of Tobago is gaining popularity as a world-class dive site as divers flock here for the chance to swim and interact with monster manta rays in waters where visibility can reach 150 feet on a good day. “Expect the unex­pected,” they’ll tell you, and your expec­tations will still be surpassed: A dozen or so giant manta rays measuring from 6 to 10 feet across live in the Batteaux Bay area, some stay­ing year-round because of the thick clouds of plankton, on which they and myriad other creatures feed.

Some divers may have to set­tle for a sighting of these graceful, majestic creatures, but most will be able to interact. The friendly mantas encourage divers to hold on for a free ride, returning to them time and again – a practice that once earned them the nickname ‘Tobago taxis.” Today’s more sensi­tive approach is to interact by merely swim­ming in their magical presence. Tobago, Trinidad’s sleepy country cousin, is one of those diving destinations that can reward top­side curiosity as well. Its Amazon-type forests are some of the oldest protected on our planet.

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