Dining at Pullman Hotel – The Gen Y Way

Dinner reservations at the Southeast Asian “Honk” restaurant were made for 7pm; I’d initially thought this to be a tad early, but I soon realised why. Honk, named after the instantly recognisable honking sounds in the streets of south Asia, doesn’t merely provide you with food; it turns dining into an experience like none other. The Chef’s brainchild, Honk was designed entirely by him, complete with all the cutlery being custom made for the restaurant in workshops and warehouses across the globe.

The Honk Restaurant

Two hours, four courses, multiple cuisines, and a gamut of conversation later, the journey through elevated street foods of Asia came to an end. The restaurants across the hotel also make it a point to pair different cocktails, and not just wine, with each course of the meal, so make sure to ask the chef for his recommendation.
Finally, satisfied and on a food high, I made my way up to my room fantasising about the rose scented bubbly bath I’d spend the next hour soaking myself in. With that, wrapped in the soft, plush robe, I curled up in bed with my laptop and watched Game of Thrones on the complimentary high-speed wifi.
I eventually fell asleep with a stupid smile on my face, already making plans about the next time I’d be here; ah, such was absolute bliss.

Poolside at the Pullman


LOCATION: Asset No. 02, Aerocity Hospitality District, IGI Airport, New Delhi – 110037
ACCOMMODATION: 270 rooms and suites
TARIFF: From 105$

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