Destination China


This is one of China’s eastern provinces. Its capital is Hangzhou. Nestled along the East China Sea, Zhejiang will charm you with its numerous islands, gardens, and landmarks such as the five-storey Leifeng Pagoda.

Take a moment to look around you when you arrive in Zhejiang. You’ll notice that most areas are hilly, though you will defi­nitely encounter valleys, plains, and islands along the province’s coastlines.

The province has four seasons with different climates: Spring is generally rainy, especial­ly in March. Summers are long, hot, humid, and wet. (Heads-up: The typhoon threat is considerable in late August due to great accumulations of rain) In contrast, the fall is dry, warm, and sunny. With the exception of the far south, winters are short but cold. Average temperatures range between 1 5°C and 19°C. Depending on the seasons, how­ever, temperatures vary slightly. For instance, they hover between 2°C and 8°C in January and 27°C to 30°C in July.


Baoguo Temple: A Buddhist temple, and the oldest surviving wooden structure. This attraction houses various exhibitions: stat­ues, bronzes, Ningbo furniture, carved stone screens, to name but a few.

Yandangshan: Mountains galore! This area has a northern and southern zone. You will find the highest peaks in North Yandang. This is where you’ll find Mount Yandang, an area known for its vertical rock faces and pinnacles, mountain slopes and its lush forests and bamboo groves, and streams filled with clearwater, waterfalls, and caves. You’ll come across several shrines and tem­ples as well.

Qiandao Lake: Akin to the Thousand Islands region located between Kingston and Cornwall, Ontario (1,078 islands on the lake and other thousands scattered about). Bird Island, Snake Island, and Monkey Island are some of the many islands you’ll visit. Did you know that Qiandao Lake is used to produce mineral water?

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