Czech Republic – Nightlife with Bohemian Air

After its split from Slovakia in 1993, Czech Republic has evolved into one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations. Although under Communist rule for decades, it is its Bohemian history that still stands out through its architecture and charm and is the biggest draw for international travellers.

First on everybody’s list to visit in Czech Republic is Prague. Known as the Paris of Central Europe, Prague doesn’t need much of an introduction and its popularity already shows with the sheer number of foreign travellers and tour groups that crowd the cobblestone streets through the day. But that doesn’t mean Prague should be skipped or looked over. No, stay and enjoy the architecture and livelihood of Prague’s Old Town.

Prague’s Old Town – Czech Republic

Start with Old Town Square that has served as Prague’s main marketplace for more than a thousand years. There are many attractions to be viewed here, such as the famous Astronomical Clock, where, every hour on the hour, the figure of Death on the right side flips his hourglass, while the 12 apostles take turns to appear at the window above the clock.

The Astronomical Clock – Prague

Other than walking around Old Town Square, the Prague Castle is a must visit within the capital. It can be reached by walking across the Charles Bridge, named after King Charles IV.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is an avenue of 30 mostly baroque statues on the gothic style bridge. Stop by the statue of St John of Nepomuk (eighth on the right if heading towards Prague Castle) to make a wish. Touching the falling priest on the statue is akin to tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain – it brings good luck and ensures a return to Prague in the future.


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