Compass Point – Love Beach, New Providence Island, Bahamas

Cottages in the Carnival Colors of Junkanoo

The kaleidoscopic, Crayola colors of Compass Point’s trendy cabanas and clapboard cottages evoke Junkanoo, the Afro-Bahamian carnival, and lend a playful theme-park-for-adults spirit to an island known more for Nassau’s casinos, mammoth resorts, and cruise-ship travelers.

Compass Point’s cot­tages offer hints of Nassau’s bustle, but have more of an outer islands vibe, with their own sandy cove offering privacy and access to justly famous Love Beach, located just steps away.

For one of the island’s best eating experiences, guests need merely brush off the sand and amble to the hotel’s alfresco restaurant, one of the few in Nassau with an ocean view. Compass Point’s visually lively, upbeat spirit is evident in its Bahamian-Californian cuisine as well, a cut­ting-edge fusion that produces winners like maki rolls (made with queen conch, mango, and cucumber) or roast lobster tail seasoned with Thai herbs. It’s the in spot for diners to watch the sun’s nightly performance, and each other.

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