Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud – Dublin, Ireland

Classic Irish with a French Twist

Dublin has every reason to be proud of the French-owned and-run Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud: It is the country’s most acclaimed restaurant and had much to do with launching the image of the Irish capital as something more than a pub-grub-only destination. Lavish, classy, and sophisticated, this is Dublin’s stellar proof that it is evolving into a gastronomic presence to be reckoned with.

At first glance, with its ebullient French owner, chef, and staff, the menu might appear of a Gallic bent. But using the best of the local bounty — Connemara lobster, Dublin Bay prawns, plump Bantry Bay scallops, salmon straight from local rivers, and venison from the out­lying Wicklow mountains—the menu deftly combines an otherwise French cuisine with Irish underpinnings.

After spending his first ten years across town, restaurant owner Guilbaud has happily ensconced his Franco-Gaelic eatery in these new, airy, and elegant quarters on the ground floor of the luxury Merrion Hotel. Composed of four conjoined Georgian townhouses lav­ishly furnished in a period decor, the hotel also features lovely formal gardens of box hedges and fountains.

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