Chillin’ Time, Bali

Stop Drop Coconutthe-naked-coconut

Enjoying sunset with a fresh young coconut to drink – sounds like the perfect combination! For this experience you can go to The Naked Coconut, the newest baby on Berawa Beach. Located just 200 meters from Finn’s Beach Club and a few meters across One Eyed Jack restaurant, this beach bar is the place to go to lay back, as it is filled with various patterns of rugs and batik-cushioned pillows, all set in front of some decorated trees. The menu is also extraordinary compared to other beach bars in Bali – fresh smoothie bowls, barbecue corn and satays, and beautiful-crafted drinks are on the list. Not to forget, there is also an occasional acoustic session with a bonfire in the middle of the beach bar. The Naked Coconut is not only for hanging out with your friends or family, but you might also meet some new people and make new friends.

Open Lawnthe-lawn-bali

In the hub dominated by Kombucha, healthy food, surfers and yogis, The Lawn opens its own (literally) lawn for everyone who would like to have the real Batu Bolong experience.

The Lawn is truly unique, as it does not restrict guests from bringing in their own food or picnic mat – you are also free to roll out your yoga mat and do yoga or other activities. This suits the Batu Bolong vibe perfectly, where people can easily join in many activities, and cafes and restaurants are open with a friendly ambiance. The Lawn has a van under a thatched hut that serves fresh coconut, mojitos, summer cocktails and popcorn. Since their menu is quite limited, you’d better bring your own food and light bites to The Lawn. Care to bring your kids? Please do because not only can they run around freely, but they can also swing on the wooden swings.

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