Chef Floyd Cardoz Guides You Through Mumbai’s Best Places to Eat

Pani Puri at Elco s, Bandra

pani-puri-at-elco s-bandra

I grew up in Bandra, and Elco has been around for years. To me, it signifies the unchanged Bombay even though its surroundings have changed drastically. My wife and I still visit this place on every trip to India because it is safe and clean. Be prepared for a long queue and for the heat – the pani puri is served outside, but it will be totally worth the visit.

Acharekar s Malvan Katta, Dadar

acharekar s-malvan-katta-dadar

This one’s a hole-in-the-wall and slightly difficult to find, but worth seeking out if you can handle spicy food. The fare is inexpensive and they give you a heap of rice with any order. If you’re willing to experiment, drop by here at lunch for the best crabs and kalwa (oysters) in the city, cooked in a delicious but spicy preparation. They don’t give you cutlery so you have to eat with your hands; and it’s like eating in someone’s home since the restaurant is only two rooms and has not more than eight tables, set close together.

Fresh Farsan and Mithai, Bandra


My brother introduced me to this store that has the best banana chips in town – spicy and addictive. The only thing my sons ask for are these spicy banana chips, and I make sure never to forget to take packets of these back for them.

About the Bombay Canteen


Housed within an old bungalow in Mumbai’s bustling Lower Parel area, The Bombay Canteen celebrates food that is both nostalgic as well as cutting-edge modern. Looking at new ways to rejig old favourites, the menu is proudly “India inspired,” and works to spectacularly showcase local and seasonal ingredients, making each dish “a journey on a plate.”

Olympia Coffee House, Colaba


This is a must-stop-for-breakfast spot where the kheema pao is spectacular. Enjoy it with a cup of Irani chai – made with reduced condensed milk, or just enjoy a bun maska pao.

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