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Must see locations, events and places to travel and enjoy in Denmark.

Hotel d’Angleterre and Kommandanten – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Best and the Best

Visiting celebs and seasoned sybarites have always headed straight for Copenhagen’s main square to the Hotel d’Angleterre for grand-style Danish hospitality. Step into a world of sparkling chandeliers, marble floors, and an aristocratic air that reflect the hotel’s origin as a 1594 manor house.

A recent renovation has helped it reclaim the preeminent status it held for decades after its opening in 1775, and it is again the premier address in Copenhagen, impeccably run, old-world elegant, and exuding a sense of restrained warmth.

Much of the hotel’s appeal is its excellent location, steps from the Stroget, the capital’s famous miles-long pedestrian shopping boule­vard (the longest and oldest in Europe), and at the top of the Nyhavn harbor area with its café- and restaurant-lined canal. Here tall ships, working fishing boats, and pleasure craft creak and bob in the city’s most pictur­esque corner. Try the afternoon tea in the hotel’s glass-domed Palm Court.

At night, you needn’t go far for the best meal in town. The Kommandanten is Copenhagen’s, perhaps Denmark’s, loveliest restaurant. The imprint of Denmark’s acclaimed floral and home furnishings visionary, Tage Anderson, is visible everywhere here.

Stop in his magical multistory gallery across the street first for a visual hors d’oeuvre before your meal. Set in the 1698 home of the city’s military com­mander (hence the restaurant’s name), the Kommandanten is warmed by the light of silver Christofle candelabras and gleaming Royal Copenhagen china.

A number of small rooms on several levels with no more than five or six tables each evoke the experience of dining in a cozy but faultlessly stylish private townhouse. The atmosphere is lightened by Andy Warhol’s portraits of Queen Margrethe II.

Aeroskobing – Aero, Denmark

A Glimpse of Traditional Seafaring Life

Folks from relatively stress-free Copenhagen go to Funen to relax; to really get away from it all, they go to Aero, its offshore little-sister island with picture-perfect villages, rolling hills, and patchwork farms. It’s a popular sailing center south of the island of Funen, which is ringed by some ninety smaller neighboring islands, many privately owned.

Low-key life in Aero centers around salty, perfectly preserved Aeroskobing, a market town in the 1300s that reached prosperity as a sea captains’ town in the late 1600s. The principal pastime is browsing its small shops and viewing the cobblestone streets lined with winsome, sometimes gently listing, half-timbered houses decorated with red geraniums and lace curtains.

Although lively and lived in, Aeroskobing is a heritage town, the only one in Denmark to be protected in its entirety. Denmark is a nation of bicycle riders, and touring by bike is understandably popular on both Aero and Funen, where more than 580 miles of marked bike paths criss­cross the gentle curves of the islands’ topography. Aero’s empty country roads, some­times single-laned, meander past old windmills and thatched houses whose painted, decorative doors are unique to the island.

The last two weeks of July, a small but well-known music festival jazzes things up considerably, jolting Aeroskobing forward into the 21st century, if only for a few summer afternoons.