11 Beautiful Places You Didn’t Know Were In Your State

beautiful place
Photo by Kyle Benne at Shutterstock

State: Arizona

Beautiful Place? Biosphere 2

No, this isn’t just some Pauly Shore movie! This beautiful place is truly out of this world…but intentionally.

Developed in the 1980s, this massive complex of glittering structures was created to simulate conditions found on different planets and aid scientists in learning how humans might be able to survive in specific environments.

Unfortunately, the initial tests were mostly disappointments. The evolution of invasive species, contamination of the water supply, and disputes among the participants plagued the experiments from the get-go.

The location currently exists as a research facility, but is open to the public for visiting.

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2 thoughts on “11 Beautiful Places You Didn’t Know Were In Your State”

  1. I’ve been at White Sands National Park 2 times. I’m from Illinois so driving on the roads through there, it was like driving after a big snow storm. The sand dunes are very high. We had snow saucers. We had to wax them up real good then we went down like we were on snow. Beautiful… God made!!!


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