Take Your Last-Minute Tickets For The Sun of Southeast Asia

Koh Kut, or Koh Kood is considered to have some of the best beaches in Thailand. Its beautiful white sands and crystal-clear waters are worth the long, journey by air, road and boat it takes to get here from Bangkok —because the reward is the island’s seclusion. Depending on what you’re looking for, the lack of public transport and zero nightlife are a big plus, or a reason to go elsewhere.


Accommodation on the island isn’t as cheap as elsewhere in Thailand, but it’s generally good value for your money. Cheaper accommodation is available in the tourist centre of Khlong Chao, and the far southern beaches are more popular with Russian tourists.

Avoid coming here during the rainy season from May to October (fly into Trat Airport, and drive 50km to Laem Sok to take a boat to Koh Kut). If you really want to push the envelope on the idea of a romantic holiday (and it would be best if you check with your partner before you get here), think of Loei, Isan’s westernmost province.

This mountainous region is home to hill tribes and stunning national parks. This town, bordering Laos, often changed hands between the Thai and the Lao, creating a unique people and culture. Come here mid-year when the Phi Ta Khon Festival, aka the Ghost Festival, takes place, and you’ll know what we mean.

Loei is a place of contrasts: it is also home to one of Thailand’s few wineries, Chateau de Loei, and its serene, rice-paddied landscapes are abruptly broken into by jutting karst boulders. While Loei may not be the romanctic destination for the faint-hearted, if you do find a partner who can appreciate Loei in all its wonderful weirdness, you’ve probably got a keeper.

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