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jiangxi-china-1We spent an entire day exploring the Mount San Qing Shan National Park. Marked by the concentration of fantastically shaped pillars and peaks – 48 granite peaks and 89 gran­ite pillars, many of which resemble human or animal silhouettes – the magnificence of this most unique park makes it a must visit for any serious traveler!

The natural beauty of the almost 2 kilometer-high Mount Huaiyu is further enhanced by the combination of granite features with the vegetation and the particular meteorological conditions which make for an ever-changing and impressive landscape.

Famous as a cultural and ecological tourist county, Wu Yuan County has several nick­names, including “the Hometown of Books”, “the Hometown of Tea”, and even “the most picturesque village of China”! Many routes are available for travellers to explore.

Eastward are some attractive and protected ancient villages of the Ming and Qing Dynasties placed among a lovely pastoral landscape.

Covered with forests, the northern route fea­tures Dazhang Mountain and the Wolong Valley, scenic and tourist friendly. The valley is home to over 4,000 different species and also houses more than 150 highly endan­gered giant pandas

The west route contains an ecologically pro­tected area and is one of the largest wild mandarin duck habitats in the world. We had great timing, as the rapeseed plants were in full bloom and would prove to be another highlight of this trip.

Endless fields of amazing yellow coloured flowers, which, on a sunny day, were an incredible site that made me want to sit there all day and soak in the beauty. It was yet another great photo back drop.

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