Amanwana – Moyo, Indonesia

A Luxury Nature Camp in the Back of Beyond

Located east of Bali, the tiny island of Moyo is inhabited almost exclusively by butterflies, crab-eating monkeys, and rusa deer – plus a handful of cosseted barefoot visitors from this luxury nature camp, carved into a secluded cove amid lush jungle.

The Amanwana gets its share of high-profile guests, but you needn’t be trying to elude paparazzi to relish being both a million miles from civilization and within hailing distance of an excellent kitchen, superb water sports, and a hotel staff that lives to serve you.

The twenty beachfront “tent” accommodations are actually spacious, canvas-roofed, teak-floored bungalows replete with camouflaged modern amenities, where the absence of TVs, tele­phones, and a daily newspaper will make reality seem like a bad dream. Most of the island is a protected wildlife reserve, so guests eventually set off on a series of nature walks inland, jeep trips to a waterfall (where you can dive in from overhanging trees), or boat excursions to pristine bays and secluded coral coves.

Amanwana is one of Indonesia’s prime dive resorts, and its 1,000-foot vertical drop is home to giant lobster, turtles, and white-tip reef sharks. At 5 o’clock, everyone’s aboard the hotel’s wooden outrigger for a sunset cruise on the Flores Sea, the evening sendoff to another fine day in paradise.

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