Amangani – Jackson, Wyoming, U.S.A.

The East Goes West

Hotel junkies who collect the special properties of the world the way some souvenir hunters do swizzle sticks know all about Amangani, the long-awaited first North American property of Asia-based Aman Resorts.

An elegant vision perched at 7,000 feet on the edge of the East Gros Ventre Butte, it became an instant celebrity-magnet the minute it opened, living up both to its hype and its name, a mixture of Sanskrit and Shoshone that means “peaceful home.” The Amangani’s Asian siblings are known for pampering service, mini­malist decor that celebrates the exotic and ethnic, and a sense of Asian serenity. Here the design of the three-story complex of stone, glass, and wood is cool and modern, and both reflects and blends with the natural surroundings.

Its spare lobby is marked by a 36-foot ceiling and a two-story glass wall that brings the outside in with larger-than-life westward views of Jackson Hole’s mountain meadows and the snow-capped peaks of the Snake and Teton Ranges (a view that’s also available from each of the forty suites).

Sunsets here are a religious experience, but days aren’t so far behind, whether you drink in the valley panoramas from the cliff-side year-round heated pool, allow yourself to be wrapped and kneaded at the adjacent spa, or partake of the four-season smorgasbord of outdoor diversions.

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