Alternative Reykjavik, Iceland

Here’s the Plan …

Essential Info:

Population: 119,289

Language: Icelandic (official), English is widely spoken and understood.

Timezone: GMT

International dialling code: +354

Currency: Icelandic Krona (ISK). ATMs are widely available in the capital and beyond.reykjavik-iceland-3

Best viewpoint: The classics are found strolling along the harbour or checking out the view from the top of hilltop Hallgrimskirkja. But for something a little different, head into and go to the highest floor for views of Reykjavik harbour through its diamond-shaped glass walls.

Health issues: None, Iceland is very safe and water can be drunk safely from the tap. When bathing in natural hot springs, test the water’s temperature before plunging in, and heed the warnings of any signs/locals. Health insurance is wise;

Climate: The weather is changeable, so expect rain and cloud at any time – particularly in the mountains. But in general, the summers (Jun-Aug) are mild, while the winters are cold. For ‘Midnight Sun’, go Jun-Jul; for the aurora borealis, Oct-Feb is best.

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