Aeroskobing – Aero, Denmark

A Glimpse of Traditional Seafaring Life

Folks from relatively stress-free Copenhagen go to Funen to relax; to really get away from it all, they go to Aero, its offshore little-sister island with picture-perfect villages, rolling hills, and patchwork farms. It’s a popular sailing center south of the island of Funen, which is ringed by some ninety smaller neighboring islands, many privately owned.

Low-key life in Aero centers around salty, perfectly preserved Aeroskobing, a market town in the 1300s that reached prosperity as a sea captains’ town in the late 1600s. The principal pastime is browsing its small shops and viewing the cobblestone streets lined with winsome, sometimes gently listing, half-timbered houses decorated with red geraniums and lace curtains.

Although lively and lived in, Aeroskobing is a heritage town, the only one in Denmark to be protected in its entirety. Denmark is a nation of bicycle riders, and touring by bike is understandably popular on both Aero and Funen, where more than 580 miles of marked bike paths criss­cross the gentle curves of the islands’ topography. Aero’s empty country roads, some­times single-laned, meander past old windmills and thatched houses whose painted, decorative doors are unique to the island.

The last two weeks of July, a small but well-known music festival jazzes things up considerably, jolting Aeroskobing forward into the 21st century, if only for a few summer afternoons.

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