Advendture Isle – Big Island, Hawai’i

With most of the thirteen climate zones, the Big Island is considered by many as a mini-continent. Where else in the world can you snow-ski in the morning and sunbathe on nationally-ranked beaches in the afternoon? Hawai’i Island boasts world-renowned golf, spas, dive and snorkel sites, the best hiking and camping, the world’s most active volcano, the clearest night skies for stargazing, and endless activities in which to experience it all.




Explore paradise on the Hawai’i helicopter adventure of a lifetime. Paradise Helicopters are the experts in offering an exciting, well-planned, and safe helicopter experience. See breathtaking waterfalls, active volcanoes, panoramic coastlines and wondrous mountain rangers on one of the best heli tours Hawai’i has to offer. See nature in its moist beautiful form. Experience it all from the comfort of our helicopters and the Big Island will reveal itself to you in away never imagined. So ride along as our experienced guides show you the wonders of the islands, and happily answer any question you might have along the way. Visit or call (808) 969-7392.



Soar directly to the Kilauea Volcanic System to view the current activity, which may include cinder cones and spectacular fiery lava lakes. View the Lava Tree Forest and the waterfalls among the Wailuku River and Hilo Bay. A family-owned compare, Safari Helicopters was founded in 1987 by Preston Myers, retired commander in the U.S. Navel Reserve and once of Hawaii’s most experienced pilots. Preston has, over the years, built his company and reputation on the sound principles of safety, professionalism and innovation-always striving to offer the latest in state-of-the-art equipment to assure passengers of an unsurpassable and unforgettable helicopter “safari.” Preston wants Safari passenger to fully enjoy their adventure, but he considers safety of the utmost importance. He holds to the axiom “there are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots,” and he requires that all his Safari pilots adhere to the same high standards of professionalism that he personally carried out over the years.



Experience the adventure of a lifetime. The intensity of the volcanic landscape and hidden tropical valleys will surely take your breath away. Sunshine proudly celebrates over 25 years of operation with an excellent safety record. Recipient of the Helicopters Association International “Platinum Program of Safety” award and a member of (T.O.P .S.) Tour Operators Program of Safety. Depart from our exclusive Hapuna Heliport or Hilo airport.

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