One Devonshire Gardens – Glasgow, Scotland

A Victorian City’s Top Address

If Leonard Bernstein found One Devonshire Gardens “inspirational” and “pure theater,” imagine the effect it has on the average unsuspecting guest. You must ring the front doorbell upon arrival, but it is the last time you’ll raise a finger here. Three exquisitely refur­bished Victorian town houses dating to the late 1800s have been connected to create a chic jewel box whose superb service and much-touted restaurant may tempt one to see not a whit of Glasgow beyond these gorgeous walls. Critics have cited Glasgow as being the greatest surviving example of a Victorian city, and here is prime proof.

Millionaire guests will feel right at home; everyone else will feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven, cosset- ted by a genuinely thoughtful staff from the front door onward. Its quiet location in the leafy, fashionable West End area of town makes it feel just removed enough to add to its exclusive atmosphere; the sumptuously deco­rated rooms, many of them with plushly draped, rich mahogany four-poster beds and crackling fireplaces, also help.

On a par with the best that Paris or London has to offer, accommodations in Glasgow took a quantum leap forward with the opening of this privately owned boutique hotel in 1986. Reason enough for a trip to the city.

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