Place Stanislas – Nancy, Lorraine, France

A Flawlessly Proportioned City Center

Nancy is one of the loveliest cities in Europe, with a remarkably pretty main square that is widely held to be France’s—some say the world’s— most beautiful urban monument. Although Nancy is also known for its Art Nouveau architecture, the Place Stanislas is its unparalleled legacy. Named after the twice- deposed king of Poland who, with his son-in- law, Louis XV, commissioned its construction in 1751-60, it is the epitome of rococo delicacy, as can be observed in the gilded wrought-iron gates and the integrated architecture of the Hotel de Ville flown Hall), its arcades, and sur­rounding buildings.

Nancy flourished as capital of the duchy of Lorraine from the 12th to the 18th century, undergoing a program of town planning and beautification toward the end of that period. The square and its surrounding area were the elegant showpiece for the last dues de Lorraine and remain today the sym­bolic heart of the city and its rich past.

Every bit as elegant as the square on which it stands, the 18th-century mansion housing the Grand Hotel de la Reine is exceptional and has been designated a historical landmark. Check into one of the grand guest rooms over­looking the square or at least luxuriate in one of the cafes that share this incomparable setting.

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