6 Travel Tips That Aren’t Useful Anymore

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1. If you book plane tickets far in advance you will save a lot of money.

This is not true, at least not in this century. Booking plane tickets far in advance to save money was a great travel tip in the 60s, but now it’s completely insane. In the past century, flying on a plane was an uncommon thing, that’s why the demand for a flight would increase as the date got closer. Nowadays, we have so many options, especially when referring to popular routes.

If a route is on demand, you’re more likely to take advantage of a last-minute deal from all airlines—because they all want to fill the seats. However, according to recent studies, the best time to buy a plane ticket is between four months to three weeks before your scheduled departure.

Are you planning a great vacation? You’ll most likely need a lock for your luggage to avoid headaches.

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