5 tips to boost the romantic side of your relationship

What can be more beautiful and magical than falling in love and going crazy about someone? Those who have gone through such period of their life are aware of how romantic and exciting it can be.  It was the time when you walked around with a silly smile on your face and your head in the clouds, when you couldn’t wait to see each other and every minute until a new date seemed like an eternity, it was the time when you made every effort to impress a loved one and display your best qualities.  

Unfortunately, when deciding to take your relationship to the more serious level (like living together, getting married or planning a baby), you are very likely to face a ‘small’ family life side effect called daily routine.  At this point, both partners begin to wonder where all the passion and romance has gone. Why do you often see your beautiful wife in the stretched sweat pants instead of fancy dress? And why do you frequently hear “What’s for dinner?” instead of “How was your day, my love?” as your husband walks in the door? The reality, whether you like it or not, is that the house chores, financial pressure, work and parenting will always get in the way, while weakening your relationship. The question is next: how to put the romance back and to rekindle your love once again? Here are 5 tips from real russian brides which will hopefully help you to achieve this goal and prevent the emotional as well as marital breakdown.


  • Paying attention


Remember the time when you were dating and tried to surprise your partner every now and then? Why not keep it that way even after years of being together? Bring your suppose a cup of coffee in bed, plan a romantic evening, buy her nice flowers or write him a love letter sealed with kiss. Don’t wait for the holiday or birthday to make your other half happy.


  • Express you love in words


It is a well-known fact that the tongue is a powerful tool. It can either hurt someone’s feelings or boost someone’s confidence. So, never hesitate to tell your partner how wonderful they look, how sexy they are and how much you love them. Taking into account that we all have doubts about our appearance, hearing that we are attractive is a very essential part of creating a romantic relationship.


  • Bring back the memories


Being together for a long period of time presupposes a handful of memories and funny moments. So don’t miss the chance to go through old pictures or visit the most loved places whenever it’s possible. Doing so will help to revive the feelings that you’ve had just at the beginning of your relationship.


  • Spend more time together


Think of an activity which can bring you closer. It can be sport, reading, dancing or travelling, not exactly something extraordinary. Just figure out what two of you love the most and ring the curtain up. Never complain that you don’t have time for this, because if the person truly wants something, he/she will find the way to implement it.


  • Go forth and be reckless


Regardless of your social and work status you need to know how to relax in some crazy ways. Take an unexpected motorcycle ride, start a pillow fight, swim naked under the moonlight or even have a spontaneous sex in the place where you could be caught.

These are just a few tips to get you started and obviously that the list is endless. Everything depends on your imagination and desire. Once you get going, the ideas will spring up unwillingly, all you have to do is not to postpone their implementation and try to keep the romance alive.


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