48-Hour Foodie – Athens


Breakfast. There are pancakes, and there are Greek pancakes. Melinikon (on 37 Skoufa Street) will kickstart a lifetime of cravings for this authentic iteration, with freshly-prepared sweet, savoury and downright creative offerings. In-house suggestions include the Melinikon (soft cheese, honey, walnuts and cinnamon), the Club Sandwich (three wholemeal pancakes with edam, smoked turkey and BLT), Smoked Salmon (with Philadelphia and lemon zest), and other temptations. Sip on Greek double-Affogato too; you’ll need energy for all that on-foot sightseeing.


Lunch. Take a break from (admittedly yummy) honeys, salads and seafood and sink your teeth into a burger fit for Zeus himself. Juicy Grill hits the spot with unapologetic slabs of meat. Local Bifteki beef takes the form of grilled patties with housemade BBQ sauce; Bill Murray, dethroned as an actor here, is the name of a cheddar-stuffed beef patty with chipotle aioli mayo, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and housemade fried onion strings; the un-beef Hallooney is a chicken wrap, oozing honey mustard and with haloumi, lettuce and onion. It’s first come-first served, and first class stuff.

Juicy Grill and Its Food 

Dinner. A cable car ride from Aristippou St. takes you to the ‘The Balcony of Athens’, Orizontes Lycavittos. Candlelit romance is captured against a breathtaking vista at the city’s highest point, enhanced by generous servings of fine fare. Mains like Aegean fish of the day and the fillet of chicken (stuffed with sour cream cheese in a flavoured crust and trahana mousse) serve as delectable mouthfuls between the ‘wow’s over the scenery.

Orizontes Lycavittos



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