18 Essential Amazon Products You Can’t Travel Without!

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7. TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks

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You shouldn’t leave your home without the most durable lock on the market! This lock’s body is made from an ultra-tough alloy that will make it virtually impossible for thieves to cut through.

The inside mechanism will remain durable regardless of weather and temperature so you don’t have to worry about it rusting or freezing over. This is also backed by the company’s complete money-back guarantee.

Setting up your own combination is foolproof- you’ll need to use a pen or a similar thin device to flick the switch to the right and enter 4 digits- just don’t make them obvious like 1, 2, 3, 4!

The dial is also easy to read thanks to the high contrast, white numbers on a black background!

8. Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

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If you’re the kind of person that has a hard time falling asleep anywhere but in their own bed then this 100% silk sleep mask is a must! Have you got a long flight coming up? Or perhaps you’re used to your quiet neighborhood at night and you’re about to check in an Airbnb in a busy metropole that is somehow never dark…

Well, you might not need any pills or supplements to get a good night’s sleep. Block everything out with the help of this mask. It’s easily adjustable and comfortable, you can wear it on a seat or in bed without it pushing into your skin. You can also blink freely while wearing it and you’ll wake up without a massive headache behind your eyes once you take it off.

It’s perfect for blocking out even the worst, most prominent light sources. It’s also great for people who suffer from dry-eye as it won’t make your condition worse after wear.

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