13 Stunning Hotels You Have to Book If You’re Going to Visit a National Park!

Photo by steve estvanik – Shutterstock.com

Paradise Inn, Washington

Located in Mount Rainier National Park.

You know it, we know it- there’s no way that a place called Paradise Inn could be a letdown!

This place truly is heaven on earth, allowing you to disconnect from everyday life by offering smallish rooms with no TV, no access to the internet, and no phones. For those of you who need a true break, this could be the perfect place to book for that much-needed vacation.

Of note is the fact that you’ll also have to share a bathroom with the rest of the rooms in your hall. Some people may find it easier to give up internet access than sharing a bathroom, but others say that giving up on all these luxuries is a great way to truly live in the moment and remember your roots.

Inside, you’ll find cozy log furniture. Outside? Seemingly endless hiking trails and the best views of Mount Rainier that money can buy.

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