12 US Museums for the Inquiring Mind

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The House On The Rock, Spring Green, WI

This place has been a work in progress since the day it opened. It began when Alex Jordan had a goal to build an artificial retreat as awe-inspiring as the view from the Rock upon which he would eventually build the house.

From that tiny spark, the House on the Rock has evolved to include displays and collections of the exotic and unusual. Alex Jordan’s fantastic retreat was built atop a chimney of Rock and opened to the public in 1960. He used to explain his sprawling creation of collections, displays, and galleries by saying that “one thing just led to another.”

You must first drive up a winding driveway half a mile long, past gigantic urns and sculptures of dragons placed like sentries along the road. On your tour, you will explore some of the most unique collections, including a 200ft sea creature, automated music machines, and a “collection of collections” featuring everything from suits of armor to ivory carvings.

Marvel at the world’s largest carousel, experience America’s past while strolling down the Streets of Yesterday, and make your way through the Galleries. A walk through the Infinity Room extending an astonishing 218 feet leads to awe-inspiring views of the valley below.

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