12 US Museums for the Inquiring Mind

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American Prohibition Museum, Savannah, GA

Booze was outlawed,  but that doesn’t mean drinking didn’t happen. This isn’t your average “Dry” Museum. The American Prohibition Museum is dedicated to the history of Prohibition. While here, guests will travel back in time to the early 1900s, as the “booze problem” was a priority for American politicians.

Visit the Temperance Movement exhibit and scan through the posters, pamphlets, and propaganda that inspired the American people to vote the country dry and learn about the prohibitionist leaders who drove the fight during this chaotic time in history.

Learn to make “white lightning” at the Moonshine exhibit while exploring the most extensive collection of stills. You can also see some authentic flair at the Flapper Craze exhibit and learn why the trend was huge in the twenties. Dance the Charleston and immerse yourself into the flapper culture, known for its intoxicating energy.

Find all sorts of evidence at the Crime & Gangsters exhibit, including tommy guns from seized items of the mobsters in the twenties, and learn about the dangerous behavior that landed many of them in the slammer.

To end your visit, check out the 1920s speakeasy and enjoy craft cocktails served with a side of history.

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