12 US Museums for the Inquiring Mind

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Florida Holocaust Museum, St Petersburg, FL

Founded in 1992, this is one of the largest Holocaust museums in the US. It was founded by Walter and Edith Lobenberg, both of whom were German Jews who escaped imprisonment in Nazi Germany by immigrating to the Land of the Free. This is one of three Holocaust Museums certified by the American Alliance of Museums.

The museum works with the local community and survivors of the Holocaust to grow awareness and to educate the public on the accounts of the Holocaust. As opposed to other Holocaust museums, this one lacks disturbing graphics so you can take your children or grandchildren and educate but not frighten them from the experience. The lesson learned within these walls is to “be an up-stander as opposed to a bystander.” You will walk out the door with grains of compassion firmly planted in your heart.

Notably, the Anne Frank exhibit is exceptional. There is also a Civil Rights exhibit. Everything here is not only thoroughly researched, but also presented with thoughtfulness and care.

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